Quality control (QC) is an essential component of any food processing business, especially at KPF. The main purpose of quality control is to prevent our customers from the possible risk of food contamination and to assure the quality of food in every aspect. KPF ensures that the whole quality control processes are in compliance with HACCP and ISO 9001:2000
The controlling points are set at every stage as follows:
1. Raw material control
2. Process control
3. Finished product inspection whereby standard physical and biological examinations take place at each point.
4. Prior to distribution inspection whereby the productís temperature as well as package are controlled and well checked.
Quality Controlling Measures
Physical controlling
This is done at the receiving point of raw materials and at the stage of finished products whereby glass, plastic, metal or unqualified raw materials are detected and removed.
Microbiological controlling (Microbes)
The product will be verified for its Microbes and Phatogens-free throughout the production process.
Chemical controlling (Antibiotic)
Extreme selection of raw material sources to ensure the finest raw materials.
Capable of tracking and identifying individual material information from their sources, products will then be labeled with their status and codes for tracking and traceable purpose.
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